Mediation and Arbitration

Traditional litigation can take a significant amount of time and be very expensive. For businesses seeking to resolve disputes without costly courtroom battles, alternative dispute resolution can be an excellent option to achieve a settlement with minimal cost and hassle.

Mediation offers business owners another option to resolve their problems. Usually, parties who negotiate a settlement in mediation are more satisfied than litigants who go to trial because the mediation process is intended to encourage, not coerce parties into resolution. The parties are in control of the process and can negotiate an amicable resolution.  Mediation is also a confidential process.

During the course of mediation, Ms. Korgul meets with both sides of the dispute and helps the two sides frame a discussion and design solutions that are acceptable to all parties. As a mediator, Ms. Korgul uses tools to determine the needs of the parties to bring the parties closer together. Those tools might include private sessions; facilitating “active listening;” pushing for creative “out of the box” solutions; and providing a mediator’s recommendation when requested. Mediation enables businesses to resolve their disputes in an informal, discreet, and collaborative problem-solving environment.

Arbitration is generally a more formal process than mediation. During mediation, parties on both sides of a dispute are given the opportunity to present their cases to a neutral third-party arbitrator. The arbitrator then has the authority to deliver a legally binding decision which both parties must honor.

Ms. Korgul is available to mediate cases and to assist in every aspect of the arbitration process throughout New Jersey and New York State.